Egg White Protein is extracted from pure egg whites then processed into powder form


 Rose Acre Egg White Protein is pure egg whites processed into powder form. Pasteurized to our highest quality standards. It yields a higher protein ratio than liquid egg whites, and can be maintained for usage for up to 18 months past the production date. Egg Whites provide an excellent source of amino acids.

Amino Acid Profile (value in grams per 100 gram serving size)
Alanine 4.6
Arginine 4.4
Aspartic Acid 4.4
Cystine 2.1
Glutamine 10
Proline 3.1
Glycine 2.8
Hisdine 1.8
Isoleucine 4.5
Leiucine 6.8
Lysine 5.5
Serine 5.5
Threonine 3.6
Tryptophan 0.9
Tyrosine 3.1
Valine 5.1
Methionine 2.7

Bodybuilding and Athletic Supplementation Description

Egg White Protein has been a favorite choice of protein for many bodybuilders for decades. Egg protein possess a high biological and PER value, making it a good choice for muscle mass gains. Because our product is 80% pure protein, a smaller amount goes a long way, making dried egg white powder a ideal economical alternative to designer whey and soy proteins.  In addition, egg white protein has over eighteen essential amino acids. Egg white protein may be used in smoothies, baking, and even converted to liquid egg whites for fat free omelets. Our Egg white protein is of made from farm fresh eggs, and our product is also USDA inspected and Kosher Certified.


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